theloft Audrey runs a “house” series at her loft featuring touring and local music. And yeah, it’s usually bands she knows/likes/respects and is buddies with…

Bands that have been featured include: Frank Smith, Jabe, Siwat (NYC), You can be a Wesley, 28 Degrees Taurus, Red Skies, Dana Colley (Morphine), Octave Museum, Pet Genuis (Stephen Brodsky, Cave In), Whisky Giants, Clouds, Theories Revisited, The Soundscapes (NYC), The Famous Lovers (Montreal), Fingers & Toes (Chicago), Boulder Acoustic Society (Colorado), Tyler James (Nashville), Richard Julian (NYC), Willie Wisely (LA), Alice Austin (LA), Richard McGraw (NYC), Most Bitter, The Shills, This Car Up, Brown Bird, South China, Mount Peru, Coyote Kolb, Mister Sister, Cuddle Magic, Tim Gearan, Christian McNeill, Dietrich Strause, Dan Blakeslee, David Wax Museum, Run on Sentence (Portland OR), Michael Tarbox, Faces on Film, Winter, Toughcats, Stephen Conrad, Fort Gainesville, Ravi Shavi, And the Kids, Shana Falana and lots of other national and regional acts. Loft shows are “DIY underground” shows so to speak.


These “loft shows” are really fun DIY events and in order to continue having them we need everyone’s cooperation in order to run fun, safe, and “legal” shows. These are private parties now, as in you should be invited if you come, if you are a fan of a band performing who wants information you can email Audrey on the “contact” page and inquire about any shows and get the information needed to attend. Otherwise we have had to reform all of our policies to make sure the shows are legal and completely tame. Dates will no longer be posted online.

Here are the rules:
-21+ (we will card)


-50 person room capacity (our lounge area can host another 25-50)

-suggested donation only, no cover

-no smoking in building

-no loitering outside building