Info on the LOFT SHOWS and why I no longer post them…

Hey folks,

As you may or may not know there have been some issues in my building regarding the having of DIY shows. Most notably a larger show (much larger than my loft shows) was busted on the first floor of our building in March. This has caused quite a bit of concern among people in the building, including myself, but most notably among law enforcement folk of Somerville who now are all too aware of shows and parties taking place in my building.

In order to continue having shows at my loft I’ve had to change things around a bit so that my shows are “legit” and “legal” in the ways I’ve been told they must be in order not to have an issues with the law. I’ve also decided that I don’t want to have any more shows with loud bands of any sort because it’s a disturbance to other people who might be in the building at the time and also is more likely to cause notice among authorities. So most of these shows will be acoustic or with bands that are of a moderate volume. I’ve also ceased posting the dates of my shows here on myspace and on my website. This is because I actually had a man from the fire department come to my loft the day of a show and tell me that he knew I was having shows and he knew I was having one that night and that some dudes “down at the station” had been on myspace and knew of my activities and undercover cops would be there (they never actually showed up…). So therefore I have taken down EVERYTHING from my website and myspace that has to do with loft shows. I’m only posting this blog so that you all know the situation. And also I figure if authorities were to read this blog they would only know that I have made every effort to follow the rules that they have outlined for me so that they have no need to bust up these shows, which I know all of you love as much as I do. So here are the new rules:

-21+ (and we will card…)

-BYOB (we no longer provide any sort of alcohol)

-donations only. (we do not charge a cover, we suggest that you pay $5 to support bands for gas money and other expenses, we do not make ANY profit off of these shows)

-capacity is 50 within the loft. (this is what the fire mashall told me) so we have a lounge area now in the large hallway where people can hang out if they want to talk during an act.

-no smoking inside. no drugs. That said if you want to smoke cigarettes you must go outside, smoke them, and then come right back in because there is NO LOITERING outside, especially in groups because this is what would cause suspicion if cops were to drive through the alley and see a group of people there.

-no alcohol outside. in general please keep the party inside as much as possible.

And that is about it. There are two more shows in May before I take off the summer for a much needed rest in Maine where I will enjoy my semi-retirement from the riff raff of touring and all that crap. I will most likely crawl back out of my hole in September and continue doing whatever it is I do.

If you would like the info for the two shows in May please feel free to email me and I will give you the dates and information. Here is the line up:

First Show in May: Often Airborne, Sgt. Dunbar Hobo Banned (albany), Dirty Gospel, some sort of comedy group, and me.

Second Show in May: this show is for two reasons: the celebration of Stephen Brodsky’s new solo record. And a goodbye party for me (audrey) who is getting the hell out of Boston for the summer and will leaving sometime around early June or whatever. This show hasn’t totally come together yet but it’s in the hands of Steve who will decide who he wants to play that night.

Again, any questions, just email me.